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Her husband is too small, her lover too big, her new life just too good…

Get the entire “Too Small, Too Big, Too Good” trilogy in one FREE novella for a limited time – normally $3.99!

Angela is successful, happily married and, after years of persuasion, ready to finally become a hotwife. Her husband has been punching well above his weight for way too long – he’s far too small to satisfy her. After her first night with a new lover, Angela’s world is dramatically changed forever and she descends down a rabbit hole that will make even her wildest fantasies a reality…

A 20,000 word erotic novella involving a married couple experimenting in mature fantasies, lifestyles and situations.



“Intelligent Erotica”

Superb tale of a couple’s journey told from the husband’s point of view. What starts out as a secret fantasy soon descends into riskier and more edgy cuckold sex, with increasingly higher stakes for the marriage. The bonus story was great fun, too.


“Sexy all the way”

Read this book in one stretch, barely holding my breath. Katie Cramer sure knows how to push the right buttons when it comes to cuckolding erotica! I know for a fact I’ll be reading this again come bedtime, it’s that hot…


“Five Stars”

Katie is the one of the top 3 writers on Amazon in this category.


“Another winner from Katie!”

Hits all the right buttons.

KATIE CRAMER – I write very naughty things.

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