It’s a Hotwife and Cuckold Christmas! TEN books in ONE box set for only $5.99!


The title says it all! This is the biggest giveaway of my hotwife and cuckold stories ever – but it’s only 99 cents for a VERY limited time so grab a copy now! (EDIT: The promotional price has now ended but the box set can still be bought for just $5.99 – still a bargain!)

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When sold separately, these stories would cost over $25! Here’s a complete list of the stories included in this bargain boxed set:

Veronica’s husband, Roger, is a good man but a lousy lover. If he wants to hold on to her, he’ll need to keep her satisfied – and the only way to do that is to let horny black studs like Lewis have sex with his beautiful white wife. He can watch, but must not touch…and when Veronica feels the full force of a real man inside her, there’ll be no turning back for either of them.

Lucy is a gorgeous, 35-year old hot wife whose husband cannot satisfy her sexually. But that’s okay – he’s let her go to a male strip club with her friends, knowing she can have her pick of any man she wants. When a young stud takes a shine to her, she is taken on a sexual adventure that will give her the satisfaction she so desperately needs. But Lucy loves her husband, and has a naughty trick up her sleeve to make sure he gets pleasure too…

Nicola is a hotwife in every sense of the term, yet Tom simply cannot sustain an erection with her. Desperate for a solution, he suggests they make their ultimate fantasy a reality. Nicola reluctantly agrees to have sex with another man while he watches but when she goes to the wrong address – and has sex with the wrong guy – it awakens passions and desires within her that will change their lives forever.

Kim is a 44-year old hotwife with a weakness for young, well-hung studs. Her husband is desperate to watch her being satisfied by another man. On a holiday in Antigua, she vows to stay faithful…but her husband has other ideas. When he sends a muscular black local with ten inches of pleasure to make love to his wife, he knows she’ll succumb to her cheating cougar needs…and he has a novel way of making sure he gets to watch everything!

Lucy’s eight months pregnant and her appetite for sex is at its peak. When she decides she’d like a young, hard cock inside her it’s Andy, her muscular personal trainer, who seems the obvious choice. But her husband has other ideas. He doesn’t want to just watch his pregnant wife get drilled by a stud – he wants to join in…

Karen has been a hotwife for several years, having sex with men while her husband watches. But now she wants more. A chance encounter with a young black stud in a coffee shop gives her the chance to make her ultimate fantasy a reality – naked, unprotected sex with a stranger. She’s ready…to breed.

It’s the happiest day of Dani and Dale’s lives – but not for the reason their family and friends think. While their guests nervously wait, Dani has another man in the bridal suite. He’s their photographer, a well-hung stud that is in on the charade. He’s there to fulfil their ultimate fantasy – to breed her on their wedding day…

Connie is smart, sexy, thirty-something and married. Her husband is desperate to watch her have sex with another man, but Connie’s not so sure. When Tom, a young stud who Connie has flirted with at work, reveals he’s leaving for a new life in another state she realises that this could be the last chance to grant her husband’s fantasy with someone she trusts. But once Connie has become a hotwife, she can never go back…

Fresh from her first experience of sex with another man, hotwife Connie arranges to meet Joseph, an experienced black bull whose online photo hints at a physique that will completely satisfy her. But this time, Connie will be going alone…and husband Ben, waiting at home to reclaim her, will have to wait to watch the video footage she records of a night that will take her sexual awakening not only to the next level, but far beyond.

When Lisa’s husband, Rob, buys her a mysterious present for her 35th birthday she finds herself swept up in an evening of fantasy, seduction and voyeuristic sex. What starts out as a bit of fun becomes increasingly passionate and erotic as Lisa finds herself forced to make a choice – should she walk away from the luxurious hotel room she finds herself in? Or should she throw caution to the wind, put on the sexy lingerie lying on the bed and wait for a mysterious stranger to arrive? It is her birthday, after all…



I'm an erotica author from the UK who writes about strong characters who love lots of steamy sex! When I'm not turning filthy thoughts into books you can find me dancing to vinyl records in high heels and vintage clothes. Okay, maybe not all the time. Please get in touch, I'd love to hear from you!

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