Find Out “What Lisa Did Last”…

The sensational conclusion to “What Lisa Did” and “What Lisa Did Next” is here!

Lisa believes her marriage may be in tatters after her husband finds out about her sexy liaisons in London and Venice. Far from being angry, however, he is aroused…

Ready to take things to the next level, they recruit Andrew – a handsome black stud – to make love to Lisa while Rob watches. She will become a hotwife. He will become a cuckold. In sexy lingerie and expensive high heels, Lisa is taken like never before… and their lives will never be the same again.

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They kissed again before he slowly turned her around, pulling her back onto his hard, muscular chest. He kicked her legs apart slightly and slipped his c**k between them, sliding it against the underside of her soaking wet panties. Arms as strong as oak wrapped themselves around her and squeezed her breasts gently as she swayed her hips, massaging both her p**sy and his shaft. The sound of her juices filled the room, outrageously wet lace panties becoming further drenched with each flow of liquid from her now parted legs. The insides of her thighs glistened, as did the dark skin of his c**k, completely coated in the wetness of a married woman.
“Are you ready to be f**ked, Lisa?”
“God, yes,” she panted.
“You think you can take this c**k?”
“I… I don’t know.”
“We’re going to find out. I can’t wait to slip inside your white, married p**sy. I can’t wait to see how tight you are. Are you tight, Lisa?”
This had become unbearable. Lisa wanted him to rip every inch of clothing off her, slam inside and f**k her like no man had ever f**ked her before. He was torturing her now, driving her close to orgasm without even penetrating her.
“Yes, I’m so tight… so tight and wet. I want you to fill me and stretch me…”
“You want me to f**k that tight little married pussy of yours, woman?”
“Yes,” she gasped, every inch of her body desperate for his violation. “F**k me deep, lover. F**k me now.”
Suddenly, Andrew spun her around and formed a fist around the thin band of Lisa’s panties. They looked at each other intently, both aware of where this was headed. No more foreplay. This was lust, not love. Rob’s eyes widened and he took off his trousers.
Lisa yelped as the delicate thong was torn clean off her body in one strong, sudden movement. Andrew held up the ripped panties like a trophy, looking at them briefly, before tossing them at Rob.
“She may be your wife,” he said with a smirk. “But tonight she’s my woman.”

I'm an erotica author from the UK who writes about strong characters who love lots of steamy sex! When I'm not turning filthy thoughts into books you can find me dancing to vinyl records in high heels and vintage clothes. Okay, maybe not all the time. Please get in touch, I'd love to hear from you!

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2 comments on “Find Out “What Lisa Did Last”…
  1. Crystal says:

    Hi Katie (and everyone!) –
    Do you own a cuckold yourself? I do! I am a writer in this subject as well and would enjoy some collaboration and interchange with anyone interested in this subject. Please comment or contact me. Thanks!

    – Crystal

    • Katie Cramer says:

      Hi Crystal. I’m not a real-life hotwife nor is my hubby a cuckold. Purely fantasy for us! I find the whole lifestyle fascinating and hope I do it justice in my stories. Good luck with your writing!

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