“The Ghost Inside Me” featured in this month’s Penthouse magazine

Great news!

I’m featured in this month’s issue of Penthouse Magazine, along with a number of other awesome erotica writers, in a feature on the rise of paranormal erotica by Nick Redfern.

It’s a great piece, looking at how everything from monsters, aliens and vampires to ghosts and zombies have become mainstream subjects in erotica – and not just in literature. My story “The Ghost Inside Me” is featured, along with Virginia Wade’s hugely successful series of Bigfoot books, but it also explores the link between these and crossover titles such as True Blood – with explicit sex and nudity – and the Twilight series, with it’s undercurrent of sexuality.

It’s available now – so pick up a copy and check it out! A huge thanks to both Nick and Penthouse for the mention!



I'm an erotica author from the UK who writes about strong characters who love lots of steamy sex! When I'm not turning filthy thoughts into books you can find me dancing to vinyl records in high heels and vintage clothes. Okay, maybe not all the time. Please get in touch, I'd love to hear from you!

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4 comments on ““The Ghost Inside Me” featured in this month’s Penthouse magazine
  1. mikey2ct says:

    Hi Katie….Congratulations are in order for you Virginia and others who are featured in Penthouse. i noticed just yesterday the Guardian had an article about the growth of e-book sales in the UK last year mushrooming due to erotic and erotica sales.. Overall, including print, sales were up 6% in a flagging economy. The downside seems to be the diminishing number of booksellers I think that is a trend which started in the 50’s when paperback started replacing hardcover. Now we have e-books. I have all three. I’m looking forward yo your column on OHW tomorrow!

  2. Katie Cramer says:

    Thanks! I think ebooks will eventually replace trade paperbacks – it just seems inevitable. Paperbacks are, for the most part, disposable – you read them, they take up too much space (and kill too many trees) and then you give them away. They are the CDs of the book world, which are slowly being replaced by MP3s.

    Vinyl, however, continues to flourish as a collectible item and, as a result, I think so will hardbacks – but in special “deluxe” editions that people will want to cherish and keep. The onus is on publishers to get creative in that regard. All of this is a long way off, though – especially in the UK, where ereaders are still very much in their infancy.

    (PS: My next OHW post is 29th Sept – just in case you were wondering!)

  3. mikey2ct says:

    Katie…I have 3,000+ VHS tapes and 20 ft. of vinyl predating stereo. My oldest a 78 is a Caruso c. 1909. I’m reading and re-reading The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene.-in hardcover. I still buy an occasional paperback (used sometimes) E>G> a silver moon/black lace not available in ebook.

  4. The Hook says:

    That’s fantastic news, Katie! I’ve been getting my butt kicked in terms of marketing my work; you should be very proud!

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