Epic Storytelling In Under 5 Minutes

Is it possible to create a mini-epic in under 5 minutes? A vignette that transports you to another place, dazzles your senses and makes you feel for the characters?

Yes, it is.

One of the challenges of writing erotica is that the stories are often short. It’s trickier than you may think to introduce characters, backstory, plot and resolution in – sometimes – as little as 3500 words. There also has to be some pretty hot sex in there too. But I’m a firm believer that once a story is told, it’s told. Thousands of words of needless padding can be irritating.

Yet, in such a short amount of words, you want to be able to take your reader to another place. It’s something that I love about music – the ability to transport a listener elsewhere and, often, tell a story in such tiny timeframes. The music video is a much maligned but often impressive way of achieving this. As much as a song can be amazing in it’s own right, there are examples where the music video can elevate the storytelling and delivery to another level. This stunning new video, shot partially at the Palace of Fontainebleau near Paris, for Lana Del Rey’s “Born To Die” is one of the most arresting short visual pieces I’ve seen in years:

Equally stunning, though completely different, is this Romain Chassaing-directed clip, with astonishing choreography from Lionel Hoche, for Anna Calvi’s “Suzanne and I”:

Both clips are living proof that restriction of time should never be a barrier to crafting a great story.

They could both do with more sex, though.


I'm an erotica author from the UK who writes about strong characters who love lots of steamy sex! When I'm not turning filthy thoughts into books you can find me dancing to vinyl records in high heels and vintage clothes. Okay, maybe not all the time. Please get in touch, I'd love to hear from you!

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