The new low-cost Kindle: is this the iPod Nano of eReaders?

Well, look what I went and bought:

This is not my hand. Just saying.

That, lovely blog readers, is the new budget Kindle. It’s just £89 here in the UK (with no adverts) and a staggering $79 in the US (with ads). I’ve been using the Kindle app on an Android tablet but grew tired of aching eyeballs and the poor battery life – having the screen on that long every day means constant recharging.

So I did what every author writing for the Kindle should do – I went and bought one. And it’s gorgeous – utterly, utterly wonderful. It has no touch screen and no backlight – but then, neither do real books. And that’s the beauty – this is the closest I’ve ever seen to an electronic device looking like paper. The E-ink screen is a revelation; at times I can’t even believe it’s a screen. One thing it’s made me realise is that there will always be a place for this type of reader – I simply prefer it to a backlit screen for reading. It’s also a perfect size – no bigger than a regular paperback.

Oh, and did I mention the battery lasts forever?

But here’s the really interesting thing about this Kindle – it’s so cheap that it becomes a perfect ‘everyday’ item. Anyone thinking about buying a Kindle now has no excuse not to. Sales of the iPod exploded when the Nano first appeared. Well, this is Amazon’s iPod Nano. All the fanfare may be about the Kindle Fire (not even available to order outside the US as yet) but this is the device to maker the late adopters become ebook converts.

It’s such an exciting time to be an author; control has finally been relinquished from the big publishers and placed firmly in the hands of writers and consumers. Amazon are going to sell gazillions of this thing – eReaders are still under the radar here in the UK but something tells me that will all change this Christmas.

Who’s coming along for the ride?


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